Call for entries 2015


3nd Aegeandocs  International Documentary Film  Festival

September 28 – October 4, 2015

Deadline for all applications: May 27, 2015.

AegeanDocs is an international Festival of documentary films taking place in Mytilene, Chios and in other 9 islands of Aegean Sea, Greece. Its main aim is to introduce and promote the most important documentary productions worldwide and create an international forum for presentations and discussion about emerging media and information technologies. It is particularly interested in films with political, historical and social subjects. AegeanDocs is organized with the support of North Aegean Region and the collaboration of University of the Aegean. It is produced by StoryDoc organisation. The programme includes a selection of Greek, European and worldwide productions of the last three years, retrospectives, workshops and masterclasses.

1)     Awards.

  • Best History Documentary (2.000 euros)
  • Best Political Documentary (2.000 euros)
  • Best Social Documentary (2.000 euros)
  • Best Documentary by young filmmaker, up to 30-year old (1.000 euros)


For each category the Jury will make a short list with 4 nominated films for the award


Awarding and nominated films will offer to the Festival the rights for 3 more screenings after the end of the Festival and for a period of 2 months.


2)    Application submission.
All submissions are made on-line through the link found on the Festival’s official page ( Each submission must include:
a) a completed application form that includes

  • Summary of the documentary
  • Full credit list
  • Director’s biographical notes and main filmography
  • Dialogue list of the documentary in English, including the narration
  • three film-stills
  • one photo of the director

b) Four (4) DVD-video copies of the documentary with English subtitles,  sent by post to AegeanDocs, 19 Mithimnis str,11257 Athens, Greece tel: +30 210 8616449


3) Film Submission
Deadline for all applications is May 27, 2015. The evaluation will be made by a committee and the final selection by the Director. Entrants will be notified by e-mail until June 17, 2015.

Entrants, whose films will be selected, should submit by post:

a)    The documentary film in one file with no subtitles on it. The format might be a file with compression ΜPEG-4/ H.264 1920×1080 upper field, 12 Μbps or higher, or a file with compression ΜPEG-2 1920×1080 upper field, or a file Quick time IMX30 1920×1080, or a file Apple ProRes 422P 1920×1080. The file might be stored as data in an optical disk (DVD-ROM or BD-R) or Flash memory or USB stick or Hard Disk Drive (that will be returned after the festival if requested)

b) A trailer with English subtitles for promotion

c) Available publicity material (posters, press releases etc)

d) The following declaration form signed by the producer or director


All materials should reach the Festival offices by July 6, 2015.

4)    Other terms and conditions

a)    There is no entry fee.

b)    The film must have been produced in the last three years (2013, 2014 and 2015). There is no limit in running time.

c)    The Festival has the right to reject any application if it is not fully completed or the materials do not reach the Festival offices in time.

d)    The Festival decides and is responsible for the screening schedule of the film (day and hour) and may organise screenings of the film in any theatre of the 3rd AegeanDocs during the Festival.

e)    The Festival has the right to reject any material which does not further the character and objectives of its programme.

f)      The Festival may use limited excerpts of the film or the trailer for promotional purposes.

g)    Participation in the 3rd AegeanDocs International Documentary Film Festival implies acceptance of the above regulations.



AegeanDocs, 19 Mithimnis str, 11257- Athens, Tel: +30 210 8616449,

e-mail:  web:


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It is an exciting game of controlled violence, strategy, speed, athleticism, guts and attrition. Thirty two teams battle for 16 weeks with the 12 best going to a single elimination playoff tournament which culminates in the Super Bowl in early February.

But it wasn’t always that way. The NFL began life as the American Professional Football Association in 1919 in an automobile show room in Canton, Ohio. The intention of the founders of the league was to standardize rules and schedules and organize a rag tag group of independent professional football teams. At the beginning it ranked behind college football and way behind professional baseball in terms of popularity (shrewd owners attempted to exploit this, naming their teams after the local MLB franchise Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Giants) But as each decade passed the league got more and more popular. In 1957, the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts played the only overtime championship game in NFL history. The Colts beat the Giants in the what many have called the “Greatest Game Ever Played”. The NFL had never been more popular and with the 1960s on the horizon, the future of the National Football League was very bright. What would happen in this decade would shake the NFL to it’s core and it would emerge as the modern NFL. Strong, innovative, exciting and the most popular sports league in the world.

The Birth of the American Football LeagueIn 1959,Texas Oilman Lamar Hunt attempted the move struggling Chicago Cardinals of the NFL to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. When that was rejected by the owners of the Cardinals, He approached NFL Commissioner, Bert Bell to inquire about an expansion team in that city. Bell did not want to tamper with the leagues new found success, and rejected him. The NFL had a “no expansion” policy at the time Also, The city of Dallas had a team which failed midway through the season in 1952.

Undaunted, Hunt contacted other investors and proposed a whole new league. By August of 1959, the “American Football League” had 6 franchises including one in Minneapolis St Paul. While Bell publicly gave his approval of the new league, behind the scenes it was a different story. Efforts were made to sabotage the league before it played it’s first game. First the NFL reversed it’s “no expansion policy” and awarded an NFL franchise to the group from Minneapolis. The group withdrew their AFL franchise The Vikings began play in the NFL in 1961. To add insult to injury to Hunt, the NFL awarded a franchise to another group in Dallas. The Cowboys began play in 1960.

The fledgling league added franchises in Oakland and Buffalo. In November 1959, they reluctantly awarded the eight and last franchise to Boston and a group headed by Billy Sullivan. Professional football had failed five times in the past in Boston.

In it’s history, the National Football League had withstood the challenges of 4 rival leagues (three were named the “American Football League”) But the 4th AFL had something the Elite Youth Frostee Rucker jersey first 3 did not have TV money. Before the league began play, they signed a 5 year deal with ABC for $2,125,000 a year to broadcast their games. The revenue was shared among the teams allowing the individual franchises to sign players. In 1960 the AFL and NFL held separate college drafts. Competing for the same pool of players, the AFL was able to sign half of the players that had been first round draft picks of NFL teams. In total the AFL was able to sign 75% of it’s draft picks Elite Chandler Catanzaro jersey that year. Chargers 24 16 on January 1, 1961.

The AFL and NFL BattleIn the first few years of the new league, the NFL did all it could to undermine the AFL. CBS, which broadcast their games, were forbidden to announce scores or report on players who played in the AFL. When the NFL found out the rival league was looking to expand into Atlanta, they offered a franchise to the group that was planning on an AFL team. They accepted the NFL offer and withdrew from consideration with the American Football League . The Atlanta Falcons began play in the NFL in 1966.

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The Merger and the Super BowlBy late 1965, the battle between the two leagues was endangering their future. AFL President and Oakland Raiders General Manager, Al Authenitc Womens Jonathan Cooper jersey Davis, had raised the stakes in the bidding war by signing players directly from NFL rosters. More moderate owners sought a solution before one or both leagues was in serious financial trouble. In a series of clandestine meetings in Dallas, team owners and GMs from both league met and proposed a merger between the two leagues. On June 8, 1966 the merger was announced.

It was to be put into effect over four seasons. Starting in 1967, the two leagues would hold Authenitc Chandler Catanzaro jersey a common draft. Interleague play in the pre season would begin in 1968, with the two leagues would come together to form one in 1970.

Another detail of the merger called for the creation of a game at the end of the season where the 2 winners of the separate leagues would square off to decide the ultimate champion of Pro Football. The game was given the rather mundane title of “The AFL NFL Championship Game” As the story goes, after it was officially named, Lamar Hunt, came upon his daughter playing with a “Super Ball” in his backyard. He began to call the game the “Super Bowl”. The name stuck, and it was informally known by this until it was officially named the “Super Bowl” in 1968. (that “Super Ball” is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio)

The first two Super Bowls seemed to confirm the opinion that the NFL had superior talent. In the first Super Bowl, the heavily favored Green Bay Packers totally outclassed the AFL Champion, Kansas City Chiefs. A year later the Packers dispatched the Oakland Raiders with ease.

Super Bowl III in January Womens Deone Bucannon jersey 1969 featured the heavily favored Baltimore Colts against the New York Jets. Held in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Jets playboy quarterback, Joe Nameth was heckled all week long by fans who did not believe the Jets stood a chance against the Colts. Sick of the constant brickbats, he responded to one heckler by “guaranteeing” a Jets victory. That comment made national headlines. He was criticized and laughed at from coast to coast. However at the end of the game he was the one laughing as the Jets earned a hard fought 16 7 victory over the powerhouse Colts. To Authenitc Frostee Rucker jersey prove that the AFL’s victory was not a one time fluke, the next year the Kansas City Chiefs knocked off the favored Minnesota Vikings.

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The NFL emerged from the 1960’s stronger than ever. If it weren’t for the AFL, Bert Bell and the NFL may have kept their “no expansion” policy at precisely the time when they should have expanded. The powers of the AFL, realized that Elite red John Abraham jersey there was a larger market for professional football than the NFL realized. The merger gave them a presence in those markets. Using revenue sharing the entire league has remained healthy and Authenitc red Deone Bucannon jersey lucrative and in the 52 years since the AFL started, not a single team has failed. The Cardinals, Elite Frostee Rucker jersey Browns, Rams, and Colts may have moved, but that wasn’t because they were losing money, it was because their new cities offered them greater profit. Since the merger four professional football leagues have come and gone. The four were the WFL, USFL, XFL and UFL. None of these leagues directly challenged the NFL like the AFL did in the 1960sTo do so would have been foolhardy. The NFL is a juggernaut that will only get stronger. They know what their millions of fans world wide want and they for the most part give it to them. Now if they only broadcast games every night of the week, I’d be happy.

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod Level 3 Commenter

I was wondering Bill, Authenitc Mens Jonathan Cooper jersey if you were from Worcester, England or Worcester, Mass. until I saw your article on American football. Great read and thanks for posting it.

I was graduating from High School, in a town outside Beantown, when they started the AFL and I remember how hard it was for the ‘Boston’ Patriots to survive. Billy Sullivan, who owned an oil delivery business, bought the franchise for $25,000 and Elite Bobby Massie jersey had to nurse it like a runt puppy.

Somehow he kept it alive and today the ‘Boston’ (New England) Patriots franchise is worth over $1.6 BILLION. Only the Dallas Cowboys have a higher value.

When the AFL started in Boston it was well behind the Boston Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. It was even behind the silly WWF shows in Boston Garden. It trailed Boxing. I think it even lagged behind Ping Pong.

Today, Football is far and away the most popular sport in Boston and New England. Even the once mighty Red Sox have fallen way behind in fan interest.

Up next for the NFL is probably Toronto, Los Angeles and two teams in Europe one of which will be in London.

The ultimate Monday Authenitc Derek Roy Jersey morning quarterback Men Ryan Oreilly Jersey has got to be NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who gathers his senior staff and officials on Monday to review the weekend’s games including controversial plays and calls. For Authenitc Tyler Ennis Jersey the first time ever, cameras were allowed in this NFL Authenitc White Zemgus Girgensons Jersey meeting, and "60 Minutes" was there as they dissected and discussed some incidents in the first round Youth Tyler Ennis Jersey of the playoffs. In this profile of Goodell, Steve Kroft Youth Matt Moulson Jersey examines the NFL’s unusual business structure: 32 member teams whose players compete on the field, but whose owners cooperate Authenitc Gold Matt Moulson Jersey in the Elite Blue Matt Moulson Jersey business of keeping America’s favorite pastime profitable. Wildly profitable. It’s a $10 billion a year business, Women Derek Roy Jersey with soaring revenues and television ratings through the roof. It is the American adaptation of the Roman Authenitc Gold Tyler Ennis Jersey Coliseum, a spectacle that manages to package all the primal instincts. There are agile 300 pound gladiators, spear throwers, and acrobats. The best ones are multimillionaires Authenitc White Ryan Oreilly Jersey often in the employ of Authenitc Pierre Turgeon Jersey billionaires, fortunate enough to own Kid Evander Kane Jersey one of the NFL’s 32 franchises. Authenitc Gold Ryan Oreilly Jersey They pay Commissioner Roger Goodell to manage their $10 billion a Elite Matt Moulson Youth Evander Kane Jersey Jersey year business, resolve their disputes and protect their most valuable asset: the game.
because allowed to The garbage disposal thing was just a metapher and I Youth Matt Moulson Jersey think it was a bulls eye since it stirred up such controversy. Jealousy and frustration shouldn be reason enough to bash anybody from an oh so comfortably anonymous internet account. Many people who bash celebs are those who will beg for an autograph [sp] if they get to meet those person in real life. I not jealous of Gisele at all. She does have an awesome figure and it great that she was able Authenitc White Derek Roy Jersey to do yoga and kung fu while pregnant. I wasn able to do anything since I was on strict bedrest Women Zemgus Girgensons Jersey because I had HELLP Elite White Zemgus Girgensons Jersey Syndrome and apparently was very very sick. But I do think that Gisele is a stuck up Bitch. She doesn think before she talks and she makes the most ignorant and rudest comments I have ever heard. First about loving Bridget Moynhans son as if she gave birth to him and now that we are all garbage disposals. Get over yourself Gisele. Honestly I am a little offended by her remarks. And yeah I will admit I am jealous

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