Awards & Closing Ceremony of the 6th AegeanDocs


Awards Ceremony

The closing & award ceremony, took place on Sunday the 7th of October at the crowded Municipal Theatre of Mytilini, a day after the end of the screenings. The ceremony opened with the screening of the film MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER of Ann Shin. Τhe producer of the film Danielle Torkov Wilson honored the festival with her presence. 

The Awards:

Best international Film Award:

  • Distance (75'), Albena Mihaylova, Switzerland/Bulgaria

Jury Award was given to International Film:

  • Missing Fetine (75'), Yeliz Shukri & Stavros Papageorgiou, Cyprus
  • A Place in the Sun (75'), Julia Pinget, France
  • Nice Very Nice (16'), El kheyer Zidani, Algeria

The Award for the best Greek Film was shared to the films:

  • Kostis Papagiorgis the sweetest misanthrope (92') , Eleni Alexandrakis, Greece
  • Europe, the Dream, Anneta Papathanasiou (80') & Angelos Kovotsos, Greece/Austria/Sweden

Jury Award was given to Greek film:

  • ALIMA (30'), Loukas koumpounis, Nikolas Papadimitriou, Greece

New Director Award

  • Bardhul (21'), with director the G. Giannopoulo and creative team, the students of Technical HightShcool of Exarchia, Greece


New Director Jury Award was given to Greek Film

  • Azadi (27'), Alexandros Nomikos, Greece

Special Acknowledgment from the jure for Aris Zisimatos for the film "Missing Words" for the film's contribution to the defense of freedom of expression in Iran.

New Director Award from Lesvos:

  • Mother of Memories (19'), Evening High School of Mytilene.


New Director Jury Award from Lesvos was given: 

  •  Ajin (15’), A create of Primary School of Moria - Lesvos, directed by Giorgos Kofopoulos 


Τhe awarded films: A Place in the Sun, Bardhul, ALIMA, Mother of Memories, was screened at the tribute with the title "Environmental Education, Lifelong Learning" wich is implemented through the Operational Program "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek state. The film tribute had free admission and it was accessible to disabled people.