Towards the 3rd AegeanDocs


The AegeanDocs2 Festival, which took place in 2014, surpassed the organizers’ expectations and planning. 101 films were shown in 18 theaters in 11 different islands, with thousands of viewers coming to see them.

The identity of the 2015 Festival:

– It’s a multi-local and multi-island festival and it also has an online presence.

– The films are going to be shown in 18 theaters in the following places: Mytilene (4 theaters), Chios (3), Icaria, Lemnos (2), Samos (2), Saint Eustratius (Ai-Stratis), Oinousses, Fourni, Psara, Syros and Rhodes.

– All the conversations the audience is going to have with the films’ directors are going to be broadcasted via HD live streaming from the Festival’s central venue in Mytilene to theaters located in 6 other islands.

– The Festival will also take place in Athens this year in the form of an AegeanDocs week, with 12 films shown in two theaters (Alkyonis and Studio).

– The Festival will take place during the whole year, from November 2014 to September 2015 at the islands. In particular: Lesbos: 9 film screenings in Mytilene, 9 in Methymna and 9 in Eresos. Chios: 8 film screenings on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December. Samos: 16 screenings Psara: 16 screenings Fourni: 14 screeings

– The Festival is rich in educational content, collaborating with the University of the Aegean, and it welcomes pupils, university students, teachers and professors. It offers film screenings during the morning so that it can accommodate group visits from schools, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

– The Festival hosts competitions and offers the following awards: Best historical documentary film award (2000 euros), best political documentary film award (2000

euros), best social documentary film award (2000 euros) and best documentary film made by debut director (1000 euros).

The audience the festival is addressed to:

Pupils, undergraduate and postgraduate university students, people 16 to 30 years old,

locals but also visitors (Greeks and foreigners).

Viewers : 3.100 Viewers : 25.000 Viewers (aim): 60.000

Theaters : 6

Film screenings: 36

*Viewers of screenings that took place before and after the Festival at the islands and

Athens are also included.

2013 2014* 2015*

Media that promote the Festival:

1. TV

Greek broadcasters (TV networks and radio stations) support the AegeanDocs

Festival, promote it and offer their help to establish it.

In particular:

– The Festival’s TV and radio spot is broadcasted by nine major TV networks and also

regional channels in Attica and the North Aegean.

Watch the 2014 spot:


In 2014 the spot was broadcasted in all major Greek networks and 45 other regional

broadcasters for 59 days (August 1 to September 28). It was shown 10.168 times in

total. The Festival’s new sponsor for 2015 is going to be OTE TV, which is gaining

ground on broadcasting.

– Newscasts of the following channels will host features on the Festival, like they

did in 2013 and 2014: NERIT, MEGA, Antenna, SKY, STAR, ALPHA, E TV,

Vouli Teleorasi, m TV, Action 24, Kontra, Extra3, Blue Sky, and SBC. Furthermore,

NERIT will broadcast nine ten-minute long features on the Festival, like it did in

2013 and 2014. Each feature is going to be shown twice, thus bringing the broadcasts’

number to 18.

-As agreed in October 2014, features on the Festival are going to be broadcasted at

OTE TV and Parliament TV.

Watch a NERIT broadcast about the Festival:

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– Regional channels TV Mytilene, Alithia TV (Chios) and Samiaki Teleorasi will

broadcast 30 seven-minute long features in order to inform people about the Festival.

Those broadcasts are going to be shown three times per day from September 1 to 26

(thus bringing their number to 270).

Watch a sample of the features TV Mytilene and Alithia TV broadcast: http://


Visit the AegeanDocs website: and the AegeanDocs facebook


3. Major radio broadcasters and regional radio stations

AegeanDocs collaborates with major radio broadcasters such as ANTENNA FM,

SKY 100.3, ERA, ATHENS 9.84, ALPHA and REAL FM, as well as regional radio

stations of the Northern Aegean.

4. Brochures

The brochures that were circulated in 2013 and 2014 are going to be released again in

2015, but in a larger print run:

a) The film screenings’ schedule, 4 pages long, 60.000 copies

b) A catalog of the films screened at the Festival, 64 pages long, 30.000 copies

5. Newspapers and magazines

There are 24 press releases in general on all of the Festivals subjects and thematic areas.

Some links for extensive features about the Festival on the press: