Ajin is a refugee little girl from Iraq. She's of Kurdish origin origin and her hometown is Erbil. She's the youngest member of a family of seven, with two elder brothers and one more sister. In March 2016, our seven-year-old AJin, arrived in Mytilene in a small boat from the opposite shores of Turkey. She remained -along with her family- confined in Moria's hotspot for one year, when luckily her father started working at the canteen outside of the hotspot and thus the family was given an old house in the village of Moria, to live in, while waiting for their relocation to some other European country AJin met the other children of the village. They became friends and she even started attending lessons at the local primary School. When the time came, AJin's family was granted asylum and they were relocated to Germany. By this short documentary we would like to demonstrate the smooth adjustment of a refugee little girl in the Greek Primary School of Moria but also the acceptance on behalf of her fellow-students and teachers.

Creative Team:

AJIN MAJID second class pupil
HELENA ZISOPOULOU substitute teacher
PARASKEVI SOTIRELLI second class teacher
GEORGIOS KOFOPOULOS headmaster of Moria elementary school
Christine Samiou CHRISTINE SAMIOU Translation