Sunflowers (60'), Ayla Torun, Turkey


 In 1924 during the population exchange between Turkey and Greece, the population of Sinasos who had to abandon the towns they were settled in for years prepared a photo album to remember their homes they had left behind and to find them back when they would return. While the townspeople were preparing for the migration, the process of photography started with the idea of Serafim Rizos was going on. The houses of Sinasos should be photographed, because they were places of high culture artifacts that were quite resplendent for their period. Allocating a budget was not something easy at these times but Sinasos people managed to create a common budget for this job. To print the archive footage they obtained, they went to the port of İzmir where they submitted the file to a typographer. They were delivered archive images for duplicate and migrated to their new countries, Greece. A year later the album was published in Greece. Following the population exchange and after the Turks who emigrated from the Balkans left the estates of Sinasos where they were living for many years. Those estates have been renovated and made alive again