Me and My Shadow: a documentary about Nikos Papazoglou (90'), Mihalis Aristidou, Ioannis Grigoropoulos, Greece


Wadah (53'), Marie Noelle Moreigne, Greece


More than penguins (30'), Elizaveta Snagovskaia & Michael Reber, Germany


Turtle Shells (30'), Tuna Kaptan, Germany


Nice Very Nice (16'), El kheyer Zidani, Algeria


The Good Fight (16'), Ben Holman, Brazil/UK


Alfaião (14'), André Almeida Rodrigues, Portugal


The Fire, a Fowl and an (Un)Forgotten Past (13'), Jürgen Ellinghaus, France/Germany

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami (115΄), Sophie Fiennes, Ireland, UK


From the Shore (61'), Jorge Yetano, Spain