Marianna's Tower 28min, Panagiotis Vekris, Greece

The Marianna's Tower - one of the surviving tower 
houses of the rural countryside of Lesvos -
a rare example of folk architecture, still
stands haughtily, belted by the wear and tear
of abandonment and time.
Three visits to the Tower highlight issues
of memory and management of the cultural heritage of
the place.
Through the eyes of visitors, the Tower emerges as
a symbol around which multiple meanings are
organized for home, kinship, manifestations of
sociability, friendship, death and
ultimately life itself.

I Lost The Way (8min), Panagiotis Rappas, Greece

It is a cinematic - painting performance of the poem "I Lost the Road" by the poet Miltos Sachtouris

Walking in on heel (53'), Nicol Alexandropoulou, Greece 

From the province to Athens. From school to the sidewalk. From boy to girl. Anna walks between pain and joy, rejection and acceptance, conservatism and liberation. She walks fast in one heel.


The film explores the life of Anna Kouroupou, a trans woman and sex worker and captures unique moments with her mother. In a baroque setting, she talks to Yorgos Pirpassopoulos about everything that defined her as a woman. At the same time, she shares her thoughts with Nicole Alexandropoulos, in a soul confession about what it means to be a trans woman in Greece today.

Wind Blues (B&W) & Tilting at Windmills (coloured), Panagiotis Georgiadis, Greece


Invisible (82'), Marianna Kakaounaki, Greece


The Unknown Athenians (76'), Angeliki Antoniou, Greece


All the rembets of the world (78'), Dimitris Traggalos, Greece

Close to the Core (79'), Meletis Miras, Greece


Lost in the Woods (51'), Lefteris Fulaktos, Greece


The Gospel of Michiel (80'), Thanasis Kafetzis, Greece